Mama pictures from family photos on webshots

Mama pictures from family photos on webshots

Karma or What You Will

Ironically, while desire to free itself from the yoke of a personal God, eastern mysticism merely exchanges one "external authority" for another. And the new authority, the law of karma, is a merciless master.

Karma is the iron-clad law of cause and effect that rules the universe. What a man sows, he reaps - if not in this life, then perhaps in the next, or the next. For the handmaiden of the law of karma is the doctrine of reincarnation, which holds that when a man dies, his soul passes into a new body and is reborn, complete with the good or bad karma he has accumulated up to that point.
Man thus lives out his existence in a virtually endless cycle of births and rebirths on a treadmill referred to as the "wheel of samsara".

You know, the leaning of the east towards the law of karma has resulted in the rejection of the poor and disabled in the streets, of especially India.

What does the Bible teach us?

"It is appointed to a man to die only once….."
Jesus said in John 3: "…..unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God…..that which is born of the flesh (physical birth) is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit (spiritual birth) is spirit. "
Nothing less than the birth of a new spiritual nature within us is necessary to resolve the dilemma of sin and make man acceptable before God.

There is no need for "bad karma". The precious blood of Jesus Christ shed on Calvary has made it possible for all those who would believe, to reestablish their relationship with God the Father. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that we may not perish but have eternal life."

Which would you choose?

Eastern religions promote the eradication of the ego, but in trusting one’s self and rejecting God, the opposite effect is attained. You find that you are made to rely on self, believe in self, heal self, all about self. There certainly is no humility in that.

Humility, is coming to the cross of Christ and asking Him to release you from all your burdens, this He will do at once, for all time. By faith, all your sins can be blotted out with the precious blood of Christ.

Rev 3:20: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him…."

Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. Invite Him in today. Turn away from self and turn to God.

There was a discussion about how Christ was uniquely qualified to be the mediator between God and man: He was the one perfect individual who had ever lived (He still lives), and thus had no sin of His own to pay for. A Transcendental Meditation teacher who was part of the discussion reasoned "I see it!! Jesus didn’t have any ‘bad karma’ of His own to pay for, so He took all our ‘karma’ on Himself on the cross!" He may not have used the correct words, but he sure grasped the heart of the gospel. You know, he gave his life to Christ


Lord, forgive me for all my sins and transgressions, my iniquity and selfishness, my evil thoughts and lusts. Pour out your grace and mercy upon me. I wash myself inside and out with the precious blood of Jesus, shed on Calvary for the whole world.

Lord, according to Your Word, I sow and plant all hatred, bigotry, veiled abuse, bad feeling, persecution against me and mine by others known and unknown.

Father, in the precious Name of Jesus, right now, I sow these as seed in the kingdom of God. I forgive all the negative actions and thoughts. I release them.

I lift each one of them up to You, including all those that I have witnessed to about You. I pray for those people, their families and their businesses. I pray, Father, that they will come to a greater knowledge of You through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

I pray for all those who are in bondage of cults, secret societies, ignorance and bigotry. I pray, that they be saved on the day of the Lord.

Now, I declare before You, my God and Father in heaven, that I do expect a reward. I believe Your Word and by faith I set my sickle to my harvest. I believe I receive a hundredfold return for every negative deed done to me and every penny stolen from me either through non-payment of debts or actual theft. I expect to receive a blessing of equal benefit. I claim it. It’s mine and I have it now in Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
(As a Shepherd shepherding His flock, the Lord always provides, He is Jehovah-Jireh);
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
(Our Lord who is our Provider, always gives His flock the best, as long as we trust in and remain in Him);
He leadeth me beside the still waters
(Our Lord will never make us to drink from waters that are violent, He has made available to us rivers of living water, we shall be filled to overflow, touching all those around us),
He restoreth my soul
(When we come to our Shepherd, he always satisfies our soul, as we hunger and desire after Him, we are gradually being restored from glory to glory);
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
(In Matthew 5: 6, Jesus declares - Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled),
For His name’s sake
(In the name of Jesus Christ).
Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil
(Psalm 139 declares that even if we make our bed in hell, the Lord God, Who is Jehovah-Shammah, is always with us, He will never leave us nor forsake us);
For Thou art with me, Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They comfort me. Thou preparest a table before, in the presence of mine enemies
(the Lord God Who is Jehovah-Nisi, is our banner of victory, Jesus made a show of the devil by defeating him on the cross of Calvary);
Thou anointest my head with oil (the Holy Spirit) my cup runneth over; Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life;
(We are the temple of the living God, he shall dwell in us)

ID Cards, etc

The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is alive and reigns on the right hand of God the Father. He is coming again very soon for his pure spotless bride. The bride is made up of all believers in Jesus Christ, who are ready (who reverently and worshipfully fear the Lord, praising and worshipping Him in spirit and in truth).

In the near future, there will arise an irreversible situation whereby all citizens shall be required to have an identity card. At first, it will be voluntary (as indicated by the Home Secretary last year), but the card will be designed (embedded microchips, etc) in such a way that it would prove indispensable to most places (Post office, Banks, Retailers, Airports, etc.). The citizens will be unable to obtain goods and services without it.

This would be just the beginning. The whole economic system as we know it will collapse, maybe not overnight, but gradually and irreversibly. We have seen this happen before - 1929, 1987 and quite recently. Those were just shadows of things to come. In 1948, Germany decided overnight to cancel the Reichmark, as it had become worthless. The next day, people woke up to find that they were paupers (the poor were of course not bothered). The Deutsche Mark was introduced and each citizen was given 40 Deutsche Marks to make a new start. You can imagine what most of the formerly rich did with theirs.

The same is bound to happen in the very near future. What I am confident of, is this, cash which has been eroded over the past two decades with the advent of credit/debit cards will finally be cancelled in most places in the world. Smart Cards (e.g. chip & pin, mondex) will be issued, they may even be a form of identity card, but what a card. It will carry all information about the carrier. You can imagine that all your movements may be tracked by the use of this card (this is already the case with credit/debit cards). It will have medical records, photographs, a full dossier.

When you are issued with an identity card, you may find that it has 3 sets of 6 digit numbers. I understand that this would be made up of your date of birth in reverse (e.g. 840611 for a birth date of 11 June 1984, check your E C passport). The set 6 digits may be your mesh block number - mesh block is a block number designated to sections of the world, which would help to identify where a person lives (e.g. 02 for England, 01 for South East, 55 for South East London giving 020155). the final 6 digits may be the numerical part of your National Insurance number. This is only an assumption, the code may be more sophisticated, but it will invariably spell 6 6 6.

The Middle East peace process may play a major role in the timing of Jesus’ return. Daniel the prophet prophesied that there will arise a man who will confirm a seven year peace treaty in the Middle East. This man will be a major player in the European Union, in fact he will probably be the E U president. Of course, Daniel also tells us that there will be ten nations in the empire that will rise out of the Roman empire (the E U was initiated from the Treaty of Rome). At the present there are more than 10 member countries of the E U and many more affiliated and associate members (including Israel and Egypt). The single currency may create a 2 or 3 tier E U, with 10 countries being the most powerful. We know that there are 11 pioneers of the EMU with the Vatican waiting in the wings.

It appears that the leader of the inner core will be a powerful and charismatic leader. At the confirming of the 7 year peace treaty in the Middle East, we have the Beginning of Sorrows as Jesus put it in Matthew 24. there will be an escalation of evil, but also a major wave of the Holy Spirit, millions will come to know and accept Jesus as their personal Saviour, Praise God.
Jesus, at some point before the confirmation or during the first half of the 7-year period shall call for His bride. Millions of believers in Yeshua Hamashiah shall go missing, in the twinkling of an eye, they shall be transformed, translated, they shall put on the imperishable and become immortal
(1 Corinthians 15: 51-58).

There will be great tribulation. The great tribulation will last three and a half years (already we see the world in turmoil and tribulation, but nothing like what is to come). The great, charismatic leader of the E U will turn out to be the antichrist. He may be a non-religious Jew, or a previously professed beliver in Jesus who has defected from the faith. He will go into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and cancel all the reinstated Jewish rituals and sacrifices. He will actually set himself up as the Messiah longed for by the Jews. Most Jews shall of course would have fled into the hills (see Matthew 24). The antichrist will be possessed of Satan himself and supported by a false prophet (maybe the Pope- perhaps not the present one though), and they will perform miracles with power from the Satan himself, most people will be deceived into accepting the antichrist as the Messiah.

Of course, in order to convince people to worship the antichrist, there needs to be persuasion, sublime advertising and the like. Before the translation, many will be persuaded that their smart cards are not entirely foolproof, they will be told to receive a microchip in their right hand or forehead. Some will do this willingly, but would have immediately condemned themselves to hell (our forehead is reserved for the name of God not Satan). After the translation, with all the confusion and distress and lack of means to buy the essentials of life (food, etc.) many will succumb and take the microchip under the skin (a recent BBC24 technology report shows the account of a British professor injecting himself with a microchip which invariably avails him access to a world of technology).

The antichrist will insist on total worship and therefore despatch military personnel to persuade people to take the mark. Many who have heard the warnings (but not accepted Christ or did not make themselves ready) will know not to take the ‘mark of the beast’. They will have to go on the run and into hiding. Many who are caught will lose their head rather than succumb. Many will receive the gospel from the 144,000 witnesses that will be commissioned (they are Jewish men who will be sent specially by Jesus), and will accept Jesus. Most people will be provided for supernaturally.

The antichrist using the false power of Satan, will continue to kill and destroy for those three and a half years. At the end of that period, Jesus will return to earth with His bride and the host of the angels in heaven, and they shall do battle against the antichrist. This is the time that many call Armageddon, in fact there will be a gathering of forces from all over the world to make battle. The antichrist and his supporters shall be destroyed. Those who remained on earth during the tribulation, but did not take the mark, but also did not accept Christ as Lord will be invited into the kingdom of Christ where they will be subject to Christ's rule with a rod or iron.
After 1000 years, Satan is released from prison. He will effectively lead a rebellion and some of the citizens of the kingdom will join with him against Christ, but will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire.

Then there will be a new heavens and a new earth and we shall live forever in peace and harmony with Jesus Christ as Supreme King. There will be no need for killing or any other crime, we shall all eat the vegetation as our bodies will have a different structure, all animals shall be friendly and tame.

Jesus Christ is Lord

PS: Today, if you hear His (Jesus’) voice, do not harden your heart. When He knocks on the door of your heart, invite Him in to be Lord of your life. You will never be the same again. His blood will cleanse you from all your sins, diseases and set you free.

Glory to God
Opening Prayer by Kayode Dania.

Matters arising:

F Tunde Banjo’s Report /email ( see copy attached Marked TB)
F Founders day celebration in September 2008.

DD raised the question: What are we going to do? Are we going to deal with the issues that where raised in the report or are we going to continue with the founders day celebration?

Tunde Banjo’s (Benjilo) email:

It was suggested that:
1 We get the Lagos state government involved.
2 Is it worth helping GCK from being wiped off the map?

What can we do to help?

1 It was agreed that we will need to persuade the Government to return GCK back to its formal glory.
2 It was also agreed that we can not embark on any capital project.
3 We will have set up a Trust Fund/Foundation for the School.
4 Endeavour to form a partnership with the Lagos State Government by presenting a Proposal (to be formulated).
5 Set up a Pressure Group and with gentle persuasion tabulate our wishes and foresight to the Lagos State Government.
6 To send a delegate to carry out a research on the quality of education that is being delivered to the current Students, with the hope to compare findings with past GCE/ WAEC results to judge the on-going standard. This is to include the calibre of the Current Principal and fellow Staff members with careful consideration and understanding of the resources available to them.
7 Gbenga Bello offered to take up this assignment during his trip to Lagos in August 2008.
8 In the meantime, any Alumni member who wishes to offer immediate help can do so; for example: sending books, computers etc.

Founder’s day:

Nothing conclusive was said about the issue. However, it was suggested that a party will be nice. It was also agreed that it will be nice to have a Lecture as agreed during the last meeting.

Other matters:

Attendance and communication:

Decisions arrived at should be communicated to members via the presentation of the minutes of the meeting. This will serve as a means of keeping members up to date with the issues on-going within the association.

Response to e mails:

Members are reminded again to please acknowledge emails sent, especially from “Toksy B” when a response is sought, as this maintains “democracy” and aids effective decision making.

Time keeping:

Members are urged to please do the best they can to keep to time of arranged meetings because we need to be considerate as we are invading a member‘s home and intruding on their family‘s space and time.


It was reported that the constitution has not been completed because the committee has been unable to meet. Yinka Osibanjo has been persuaded to join the Committee working on the document.

Web page:

The web page is at a standstill because Deji Adelaja who promised to take over the project has apparently relocated to Lagos (work-related). It has been agreed collectively that we need the web pages to be made interactive, in order that individual members can update and inform members worldwide of activites. Ayo Oyebade will again rise to the challenge by approaching the original webmaster to provide interactive facilities, at a possible cost of about £1000.00 (One thousand pounds sterling).


A culture of “my brother’s keeper” is of paramount if we wish to nurture each other and watch the Alumni grow in numbers. So making contact with members who missed or could not attend a meeting must not be the sole responsibility of the Welfare team but of us all.

Frequency of the meeting:

This issue was raised @ the 010308 meeting because it is becoming increasingly apparent that the frequency of the quarterly (3-monthly) meetings are not ideal for the Alumni to grow and gather appropriate momentum because every meeting presents newly found members and a different mix. However, it was suggested that the coordinators can arrange “social meeting” and invite us to attend. A final decision to change the frequency of the meetings was not made.

Money matters:

Olatokunbo Basirat Benson - Treasurer, suggested that all members pay their monthly contribution by setting up a standing order into the present nominated account. The detail of which was provided to all members present. If you require the Account details please contact Olatokunbo Basirat Benson. Otherwise cheques can be made payable to Ms Olatokunbo Benson, while we await a proper GCK account set up.

A total of £320 was collected at the meeting.

Closing prayer was by Gbenga Sokefun

Next meeting to be announced later


Basirat, I would like you to share this message with the entire house at your next meeting. The executives of the old students association paid a visit to our school in Ketu early this month and met with the new principal,a new woman principal Mrs Osifeso. she expressed her disappointment at the lack of interest by the association and felt we should be doing a lot more than promises.
Am happy to report that during the visit, we found the main class room block being painted by the Lagos state government, the govt had also fixed the ceiling in the dining hall and built toilets by the class room set for the boys and one set for the girls.
Now for the bad news. Sadly the repairs by the govt is limited to painting the class room block only and the ceiling of the dining hall.
The tables and benches at the dining hall are dilapidated,new ones are needed
At the moment the school has no library.
The science labs (physics,chemistry and biology) are non existent,no light,no gas,no chemicals,no burners,no water,no test tubes,no equipments of any kind.
The school has no computer.
The school has no bus.
The school has no games equipment at all
The enrollment at the school has dwindled down to such a state that the school has only one arm per class. That is 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A.
This is more or less a summary of the problems the school is facing.

We held our monthly meeting yesterday where this report was read to the members present,it was decided that whatever assistance the association will render to the school must be something that will give an immediate impact.
Can you please find out the names of any of the non governmental organisations that can donate books to the library,equipments to the labs,computers (new or used) for the computer department,equipment for the games room.
Before we move on to other big and money consuming items like providing a school bus and repairing and painting other buildings in the compound.
If we can get these organisations donate these needed items to the school, i believe the impact would be immediate, while we arrange for other items that will cost money.
Please let me know what the decision of the house and what we should do next.
Tunde Banjo - Benjilo

Goodbye Grandma

My grandma

Remembering Yemi Lajo

The first time I met my grandmother was in May 1970. We had just arrived at the Sadipe’s from the United Kingdom. Yemi Lajo had been invited over from Ondo to look after Niran and I, as our mother had not made the trip with us.

Our grandmother, was very patient with Niran and I and look after our wellbeing excellently. Of course, she couldn’t understand a word we said and neither could we understand her! Somehow, we learned to communicate with one another, Niran and I also learned some Yoruba.

Over the years, we had a good relationship with grandma, she would visit us at Ikeja and stay for a few weeks, her sense of fun was infectious and she did love to dance.

On our visits to Ondo, she would also look after us and cook nice meals.

I had been absent from Nigeria for many years but when I found out that January 15th 2007 was her official birthday, I decided to break my self imposed exile and plan a trip in February 2007 to see her, perhaps, one last time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with grandma, she could no longer remember who I was but all the same, she sang and danced and talked about what a big send off she would get when she passed on.

I am proud to have known Yemi Lajo. I pray that she is up there with God, singing and dancing.

Here’s to you grandma, sleep well and God bless you!

Lots of love

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